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Katyayani is a teacher, healer, scholar and seeker. In her pioneering kirtan, guided meditation and work in the academic and healing arts, she finds joyful, creative ways of translating the heart of authentic Indian spiritual tradition to make it accessible yet still empowering for the modern holistic west.

This site contains any information you might need relating to Katyayani and her classes, workshops and sessions of the mind, body and spirit. Whether you draw inspiration from the yoga of chant, meditation classes or spiritual satsang, or whether you wish to explore further the worlds of reiki training or advanced supervision and practice in other healing art modalities, we look forward to seeing you in a yoga shala or workshop classroom soon…

A message from Katyayani:


I hope you enjoyed this extraordinary summer of sport and jubilation here in the UK as much as I did and are now approaching the autumn with some inspiration still in your hearts! Following my maternity leave over the past year or so, I am now recommencing at least a portion of my practice and teaching commitments here in London. Thank you for all the ongoing ‘encouragement’ from clients and students who have missed our sessions these past months and who have continued to ask when they’ll be back! I am now working again at River House one day a week and seeing private clients once more. I am excited with the growing success of the monthly Baby and Toddler Chanting classes and also at the prospect of this autumn’s new ‘Gurus and Disciples’ integrated academic course at the Special Yoga Centre. Please check the spotlight column on this page and also the schedule of events page to see where and how we can re-connect. Look forward to seeing you then! With love and, as they say in India, Ram Ram…

katyayani x


Spotlight on what’s new.


‘CHANTING FOR BABIES AND TODDLERS’ on Fridays 21 September, 26 October and 23 November at the Special Yoga Centre. Click here for more details.


‘GURUS AND DISCIPLES’ A 4-week course on the complex mechanics and dynamics of the spiritual teacher-student relationship. Thursdays 1, 8, 15 and 22 November at the Special Yoga Centre. Click here for more details.


REIKI TRAINING FOR 2013. This is a fully holistic, Indian-inspired training in Reiki 1, 2 and Master levels running across the year. Click here for more details.




Can’t make class or feel eager to practice even more meditation with Katyayani? Her new CD offers an introduction to this practice and 2 blissful guided sessions set to original atmospheric music by Greg Parker. Suitable for every level of meditator, these CDs are available to purchase at all classes and workshops. Or you can get one by post also. Cost: £10 (or 2 for £18 if you are looking to treat a friend maybe). UK P&P is £2.50; international P&P is £3.50. If you would like to have your own copy, please email with your name and address and details on whether you would like to pay by cheque or bank transfer.  

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